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Combined Federal Campaign Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
Anyone in the Federal Government and Military can contribute to Any Soldier Inc.
Our catalog number: 11993.
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Thank you, very much, for your support!
The Independent Charities Seal of Excellence The Independent Charities Seal of Excellence is awarded to the members of Independent Charities of America and Local Independent Charities of America that have, upon rigorous independent review, been able to certify, document, and demonstrate on an annual basis that they meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness. These standards include those required by the US Government for inclusion in the Combined Federal Campaign, probably the most exclusive fund drive in the world. Of the 1,000,000 charities operating in the United States today, it is estimated that fewer than 50,000, or 5 percent, meet or exceed these standards, and, of those, fewer than 2,000 have been awarded this Seal.
Any Soldier Inc. is proud to be one of them!

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Please note that we are also approved for IBM ECCC, listed under the state of Maryland, with
IBM agency code: 0N683. (That's a leading zero, not an Oscar).

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Donate your vehicle!
We have a Vehicle Donation Program with Car Program LLC!
You can donate any vehicle and help not only Any Soldier Inc. but also get a tax break for yourself!
Benefits of donating:
FAST - next day pick-up appointments if called-in by 2pm
FREE - we'll pick-up your donation at no charge to you
CONVENIENT - we'll pick-up your car from wherever it is (home, work, auto shop)
TAX DEDUCTIBLE - your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law
SAVE TIME - save yourself the time and hassle of trying to sell it
FEEL GREAT - knowing that your car will help further our mission

We work with a reputable car donation processor, Car Program, who will make all the arrangements at no cost to you. They handle the title transfer requirements and will provide you with a tax deductible donation receipt when they pick-up your car.

Need more information? Click HERE to donate your car and a helpful representative will call you shortly or you may call our car donation program 24/7 at 1-800-240-0160.
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(Note to early users: Any Soldier Inc. was the first of two organizations to use this and it WAS buggy.
That was then, now the toolbar is very stable and we think you will like it.)

Holiday (& Everyday) Thoughts (for all year round) - Please read - Click HERE.
HOT HOT TIP: PLEASE don't even consider doing a 'collection'
unless you have actually sent at least one care package yourself!

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Want the REAL story?
One Marine's View and Michael Yon

Weather and time in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, and more HERE.
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    Any Soldier® Mini-Quilts and More!
    (Updated 01 May 2014)
    Story and pictures of this beautiful project is HERE.

    The Poems and More Corner HERE.
    (Updated: 30 May 2016)
    If you want a poem listed here, email your express approval to post it,
    a title for the poem and your email address.
    We reserve all rights to post or not post any poems sent to Any Soldier Inc.

    The Video Corner HERE.
    (Updated: 15 Sep 2011)

    The Music Corner HERE.
    (Updated: 1 November 2012)

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